1. Lullaby

From the recording Von Isley EP (Self-Titled)

This is the fourth track off of the EP and also the only song from Von Isley where Jennifer isn't the main vocalist.


Verse I
Hush now and don't you say a thing
You'll soon be fast asleep, just you and your dreams
Close your eyes and you will find
Another you, you've left behind

Goodnight dark dragon, your end is near
You live on worries, you feast on fear
Goodnight drak dragon, you'll never wake
The slayer's here and your life he'll take

Verse II
Full of vengeance, sword by his side
The slayer knows just how you've lied
Not to worry, believe your strong
Oh dark dragon you know you've been wrong

Repeat Chorus

Verse III
You've gone to sleep and you know your end is near
Right behind you the slayer stops and stares
To plunge a sword into your heart of hate
I promised you dark dragon you would never wake

Repeat Chorus