1. Dragonslayer

From the recording Von Isley EP (Self-Titled)

This is the second track off of the EP and one of the first songs written by Von Isley.


Verse I
Do not fear the terror at night,
nor the dagger that pierces the day
Don't be afraid of the bells tolling
or of what the wicked ones say
Not the evil that walks in darkness
or the destruction coming this way

A sword, a sword
Sharpened and polished, sharpened for the slaughter
Polished to flash just like lightning
To give it to the hand of the slayer

Verse II
A thousand shall fall by your side,
ten thousand more by your right hand
The chosen ones will not be harmed,
put on your armour and make your stand
You know you shall be all victorious
with the slayer's sword in your hand