1. Empathy

From the recording Triune


Verse 1
Throughout the city blows the sand of total desolation
No one could stop the ever flowing tide of decimation
Abandoned is the hope of all who once lived here
Mourning shadows echo in the haunting silence of fear

Give me liberty or give me death is how I'll say my last good-byes
Forever enslaved, the freedoms we craved but were all fed a pack of lies
We all live, waiting to die
We all live, waiting to die

Crawling bleeding, Dying screaming
Senses reeling, Soulless feeling
Crawling bleeding, Dying screaming
Conscience fleeing, Assassins seething

Verse 2
Believing in the promise I accept the mark of our cause
We played by the rules why they remained above the laws
Oppression of many for the sins of just a few
Cowering from our saviors, panicked terror grew
Hearing death approaching like the rushing of the wind
Is it better, was it worse, there's no beginning and there's no end

Pre-Chorus 2
Wish for peace you grant us war, the snake in the talons caught
The tears of man they drown in the sand, is this what our blood has bought
We all die, waiting to live
We all die, waiting to live

Repeat Chorus

Pre-Chorus 3
Daylight gives not a moments rest, we pray for the night's embrace
Twilight offers no reprieve for our devil in the darkness sees.
We all live waiting to die
We all die waiting to live

Repeat Chorus